My top 5 goals for 2018

  1. Launch my health and fitness travel show, HIIT Me. Roadblock: finalizing the pitch deck for networks. To-do’s: lock in a strategic PR partner for the show; find sponsors; schedule shoot dates. Why: to inspire others to take control of their own health; this is essentially the start to my NYC mayoral campaign.
  2. Launch my health food company, Biome Foods. Roadblocks: need to raise funding; lack of time and man-power. To-do’s: find a partner for the company; identify a food incubator program to start producing products; amend my business plan and pitch for funding. Why: To raise money for mayoral campaign and future [space] film projects.
  3. Take steps towards earning a Master’s Degree (in filmmaking). Roadblock: need to gain acceptance into NYU Tisch or a comparable film program. To-do’s: wait for decision of my application; audition on Jan 13th for NYU’s MFA acting; if not accepted then re-apply in Dec 2018. Why: to discover the community of filmmakers and actors who I will work with on my future space films.
  4. Read one fiction and one non-fiction book per month. Roadblock: lack of time and diligence. To-do’s: eliminate distractions from my life; read books during my commute; hunt for recommendations from friends and family. Why: to become a better writer and broaden my creativity.
  5. Meditate and journal daily. Roadblock: lack of time and diligence. To-do’s: get up earlier and meditate/journal before I leave the house. Why: to keep me in a peak flow state; accountability to myself; solidify objectives, goals and desires.


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